Complaint to ASIC about Comminsure

This post is about the first of the complaints to ASIC that I referred to in my post of 20 April 2016.  It is a complaint about a TPD claim – my client has a very serious illness – he hasn’t worked since April 2015.  He has TPD insurance with Comminsure – his claim should have been paid out in July 2015.  Instead, Comminsure relied upon an external consultant’s report to argue that my client was not totally and permanently disabled because he could get a job in a call centre. There are were so many things wrong with that report that I hardly know where to start.  Of equal interest is the delay that has occurred in dealing with his claim.  Comminsure has moved very slowly – but there is no incentive for it to resolve this matter quickly – every day that goes by is another that day that Comminsure gets to use money that should have been paid out in July 2015. This is an interesting issue because it is a more subtle way that insurers act against their clients interests.  The complaint was sent to ASIC on 26 April 2016.

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