Double standards

It is not new news, that in life, there are many double standards such that I wonder if it is even worthwhile commenting on this matter – but I can’t resist doing so.

The High Court is currently hearing the case about whether various members of Parliament are entitled to sit – of interest is Senator Canavan’s (Cth funded) legal team which consists of 2 Senior Counsel and 2 Barristers and I assume a number of solicitors.  The matter concerns a narrow legal issue and a narrow range of facts.  Acting for even the largest of companies or the wealthiest of individuals I could not justify engaging such a team of barristers both in terms of why so many barristers are reasonably required and in terms of absolute cost – for most matters it is a luxury to have Senior Counsel yet alone 2.  All this goes to show that when the interests of a person who is a member of the Government are at stake public funds are spent in a way that would not be justifiable in any other context.


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