The FOS and Comminsure

On 15 April 2016, Comminsure announced that it had appointed three independent members to its new Claims Review Panel.  As Comminsure tells us, this panel has been set up in the wake of recent media criticism of its claims process.  What is interesting about this announcement is who has been appointed to the Panel.

Two of the three appointees are associated with the FOS.  One of them (Justin Malbon) is a FOS panel member which means that he acts as a decision maker with respect to consumer complaints that have been made to the FOS.  The second is Chris McRae – he is a director of the FOS.

Comminsure is a member of the FOS.  What this means is that if I make a complaint to the FOS about a decision that Comminsure has made, FOS could be in a position where it is considering a matter that has already been reviewed by a very senior FOS decision maker and a Director of the FOS.  This obvious potential conflict of interest can only serve to undermine the public’s confidence in the FOS.

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