Woolworths – you need to play fair

I’ m an avid traveler – I try and collect as many frequent flyer point as possible.  A few weeks ago I received an offer from Woolworths – spend $165 in-store or online and get 2,400 hundred points.  The promotion ran over 2 weeks – so you could potentially get 4,800 points (which would convert to QANTAS points).  I shopped online twice but did not get any additional points – why? – because if you shopped online the order had not only to be made during the promotional period it had to be delivered during that period as well (I placed the order during the period but it was delivered in the following week). Wondering why I didn’t get my points, I went back to the e-mail that I had received from Woolworths – and there it was in literally small print at the bottom of the e-mail – for internet orders -the order had to be made and delivered during the promotional period.

This is is more bad faith of the type that has been disclosed by the Financial Services Royal Commission – I was tricked into spending money at Woolworths – no doubt someone there thought that this was a great result – more revenue without having to fork over the frequent flyer points – all this type of conduct does is engender ill will towards large companies and their management and damages their brand – I can’t even trust Woolworths to not act deceptively over a few frequent flyer points – can I really trust it with the food that I eat.  If I was QANTAS I would find a new business partner.

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