Business Ethics – Spam E-mail

I recently was tricked by a spam e-mail into providing some personal information (before I realized that the e-mail was a scam) – the e-mail appeared to refer to a promotional offer being made by Woolworths.  The idea behind the e-mail appears to be to collect personal information that is then on sold to companies who are looking to market their businesses by way of e-mail.

What interested me about this was what happened next.

Along with a deluge of spam e-mails (including multiple e-mails from a psychic called Diana who still will not leave me alone even though I’ve tried to unsubscribe from her e-mail list on a least 4 occasions) I received 2 e-mails of note.  The first was from Kogan and the second was from Yellow Brick Road.  These are both ASX listed apparently reputable companies.  It seems incredible to me that legitimate, publicly traded businesses would use an e-mail address that have been obtained by way of scam to market their products.

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